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901. Huang, He; Li, Yanxiu; Tong, Yu; Yao, En-Ping; Feil, Maximilian W; Richter, Alexander F; Doblinger, Markus; Rogach, Andrey L; Feldmann, Jochen; Polavarapu, Lakshminarayana: Spontaneous Crystallization of Perovskite Nanocrystals in Nonpolar Organic Solvents: A Versatile Approach for their Shape-Controlled Synthesis. In: ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, 0000, ISSN: 1433-7851. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
902. Wiesinger, Markus Klaus Diether; Welzel, Till; Stutzmann, Martin: Insulating Ag-Polyimide Hybrid Films with a Tunable Dielectric Constant. In: PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI A-APPLICATIONS AND MATERIALS SCIENCE, 0000, ISSN: 1862-6300. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
903. Funk, Sebastian; Schatz, Juergen: Cucurbiturils in supramolecular catalysis. In: JOURNAL OF INCLUSION PHENOMENA AND MACROCYCLIC CHEMISTRY, 0000, ISSN: 1388-3127. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
904. Henkel, Christian; Wittmann, Judith E; Traeg, Johannes; Will, Johannes; Stiegler, Lisa M S; Strohriegl, Peter; Hirsch, Andreas; Unruh, Tobias; Zahn, Dirk; Halik, Marcus; Guldi, Dirk M: Mixed Organic Ligand Shells: Controlling the Nanoparticle Surface Morphology toward Tuning the Optoelectronic Properties. In: SMALL, 0000, ISSN: 1613-6810. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
905. Mora-Fuentes, Juan P; Papadopoulos, Ilias; Thiel, Dominik; Alvarez-Boto, Roberto; Cortizo-Lacalle, Diego; Clark, Timothy; Melle-Franco, Manuel; Guldi, Dirk M; Mateo-Alonso, Aurelio: Singlet Fission in Pyrene-Fused Azaacene Dimers. In: ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, 0000, ISSN: 1433-7851. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
906. Mähringer, Andre; Hennemann, Matthias; Clark, Timothy; Bein, Thomas; Medina, Dana D: Energy Efficient Ultrahigh Flux Separation of Oily Pollutants from Water with Superhydrophilic Nanoscale Metal–Organic Framework Architectures. In: Angewandte Chemie International Edition, n/a (n/a), 0000. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links | BibTeX)
906 entries « 46 of 46 »

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