Monday, September 30
12:00 Registration Museum Foyer (Erdgeschoss)
13:30 Opening remarks Dirk Guldi
13:45 Plenary 1:  Robert Schlögl tba
14:30 25/1 BT Patrick Beer Tracing single electrons in a disordered polymer host with a single probe molecule
14:55 Coffee      
15:25 30/1 TUM David Egger A dynamic view on energy materials: the case of halide perovskites
15:55 25/2 FAU Norbert Jux Porphyrins and PAHs
15:20 25/3 TUM Felix Deschler Ultrafast spectroscopy of charge and structural dynamics in hybrid perovskites
16:45 Poster 1
18:00 Stehempfang      
Guided museum tour 30 per group; lasts 1 h; in English
Tuesday, October 1
09:00 Plenary 2:  Thomas Heine Computational design of two-dimensional photo- and electrocatalysts
09:45 30/2 LMU Thomas Weitz Towards nanoscale organic solar cells with controlled morphology
10:15 25/4 WÜ Philipp Rieder Energetic Trap Landscape in Perovskite Solar Cells
10:40 Coffee      
11:10 25/5 TUM Volker Körstgens Steps of device fabrication: in situ morphology investigations of hybrid solar cells with grazing incidence x-ray scattering techniques 
11:35 25/6 LMU Daniel Böhm Fabrication of porous nanostructures as support for oxygen evolution reaction catalysts with low noble metal loading
12:00 25/7 BT Mahima Goel Doped Polymeric Semiconductors 
12:25 25/8 FAU Franziska Gröhn Photocatalytic Activity and Light-Tunable Structure of Supramolecular Nano-Assemblies in Solution
12:50 Lunch      
14:00 Plenary 3:  Soo Young Park Designing molecular materials for solar energy conversion 
14:45 30/3 FAU Dirk Guldi Towards breaking the barrier to 100% charge transfer
15:15 25/9 LMU Simone Strohmair Spin related carrier dynamics in CsPbI3 nanocrystals
15:40 25/10 WÜ David Mims Magnetic Field Effects in Rigidly Linked D-A Dyads: Extreme On-Resonance Quantum Coherence Effect on the Charge Recombination
16:15 Coffee      
16:45 Poster 2
19:00 Conference Dinner     Lokschuppen II
19:00 Bierkeller     Entla's Keller Erlangen
Wednesday, October 2
09:00 Plenary 4:  Anna Fontcuberta i Morral Semiconductor nanowires for next generation PV: challenges and sustainability issues.
09:45 30/4 WÜ Pavel Maly Anomalous exciton diffusion in polymers of varying length, observed by EEI2D spectroscopy
10:15 25/11 BT Fabian Panzer A Solvent free Route for Halide Perovskite Film Processing Based on Pressure Treatment of Perovskite Powders
10:40 Coffee      
11:10 30/5 AUG Wolfgang Brütting Organic semiconductors and hybrid materials for optoelectronics
11:40 25/12 TUM Harald Oberhofer How does Structure Influence Carrier Mobility in Organic Semiconductors
12:05 25/13 LMU Wolfgang Tress Bismuth Impurities and Negative Capacitance in Lead-Halide Perovskite Solar Cells
12:30 Lunch      
14:00 30/6 BT Stefan Kümmel Multimetallic nanoparticles in catalysis: electronic structure insights and challenges
14:30 25/14 WÜ Kazutaka Shoyama A New Synthetic Approach towards Planar and Bowl-Shaped Polycyclic Aromatic Dicarboximides
14:55 25/15 FAU Tim Clark Simulation of large photo- and electroactive systems
15:20 Coffee      
16:15 Plenary 5:  Shigehiro Yamaguchi Main-Group Approach toward Functional π-Electron Materials
17:00 Closing remarks Tim Clark