International SolTech Lectureship

The SolTech Lectureship is constituted to invite excellent and outstanding scientists from abroad who are actively involved in energy reserch to give oral presentations at least in three keylabs of the SolTech consortium.The following internationally renowned scientists have been selected.

Lectureship People

Prof.Dr. Anthony HarrimanHomepage“Artificial Light-Harvesting antennae for solar fuel generation”
Prof. Dongho KimHomepage“The role of electronic coupling in modulating the photophysical properties of molecular assemblies“
Prof. Ashutosh SharmaHomepage“Self-organization on Small Scales: Fabrication beyond the Top-down and Bottom-up”
Dr Ian D. SharpHomepage“Functional Materials and Interfaces for Photocatalytic conversion of Solar Energy to Fuel”
Michael R. WasielewskiHomepage“Artificial Photosynthesis: Solar Fuels to Address Global Energy Needs”
Prof. Dr. Tsutomu YokozawaHomepage“Transition Metal Catalyst Transfer on Conjugated Polymers”