SolTech Lectures

Еxcellent and outstanding scientists, who are actively involved in energy research, are invited to present a SolTech lecture for all five KeyLabs of the SolTech consortium. The following internationally renowned scientists have been selected:


Prof. Sebastian C. Peter
“Carbon and Water Recycling for Sustainable Energy: A Journey from Fundamental Chemistry to Green Technologies”


Prof.Dr. Roland Marschall Homepage“Nanostructured materials for solar energy conversion: Nanofibers and Fe-Based mesostructures”
Prof. Shannon Boettcher Homepage“Physical Priciples of Water Dissociation in Bipolar Membranes and for Electrocatalysis”
Prof. James K. McCusker Homepage“Light Capture for Solar Energy Conversion using Earth-abundant Rirst-row Transition Metal-based Chromophores: Challenges and Opportunities”
Prof. Francis D´Souza Homepage“Strongly Interacting Electron Push-Pull Systems”

Until 2021

Prof.Dr. Anthony Harriman Homepage“Artificial Light-Harvesting antennae for solar fuel generation”
Prof. Dongho Kim Homepage“The role of electronic coupling in modulating the photophysical properties of molecular assemblies“
Prof. Ashutosh Sharma Homepage“Self-organization on Small Scales: Fabrication beyond the Top-down and Bottom-up”
Dr Ian D. Sharp Homepage“Functional Materials and Interfaces for Photocatalytic conversion of Solar Energy to Fuel”
Michael R. Wasielewski Homepage“Artificial Photosynthesis: Solar Fuels to Address Global Energy Needs”
Prof. Dr. Tsutomu Yokozawa Homepage“Transition Metal Catalyst Transfer on Conjugated Polymers”