Visit by Prof. Tsutomu Yokozawa, Kanagawa University, Japan

Prof. Tsutomu Yokozawa

Prof. Tsutomu Yokozawa, Kanagawa University, Japan visited the University of Bayreuth and gave a talk on “Transition Metal Catalyst Transfer on Conjugated Polymers”.

-Conjugated polymers are an attractive class of materials due to their potential applications in electronic devices such as field effect transistors (FETs), organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), and photovoltaic cells. Catalyst-transfer condensation polymerization (CTCP) is a powerful methodology for synthesis of well-defined π-conjugated polymers with controlled molecular weight and low polydispersity.1 We have proposed that this polymerization involves intramolecular catalyst transfer on the polymer backbone, and therefore a critical aspect of successful CTCP is selection of a catalyst with high activity and a high propensity for intramolecular catalyst transfer. In this lecture, I report diffrent catalyst transfer behavior of several transition metal catalysts in Kumada-Tamao coupling polymerization leading to poly(3-hexylthiophene) and Pd-catalyst transfer on aromatic and carbon-carbon double bond conjugated polymers in Suzuki-Miyaura coupling polymerization.